Seattle to Portland on a bike

My friend Elizabeth decided she wanted to do the STP to celebrate a milestone birthday. It wasn’t something I had on my bucket list – I set a goal each year and for 2017 it was to bike 100 miles. When Elizabeth’s riding partner moved away, I told her I’d train with her, which eventually led to my commitment to bike the STP.

So, we started by learning all we could about the STP. After attending a meeting where we heard from someone who has biked it for several years and seeing pictures, we felt we could do this. So we started training.

What I learned along the way:

  • Major training is not a good time to learn to use bike clips. We both experienced slow motion tips when we couldn’t get our feet out of the clips. Embarrassing? Yes. Common? Yes.
  • Don’t joke about how hard the training is and how maybe you’ll break something so you can stop training. These things happen. And my training partner is now sidelined.
  • You’ll fall. Guaranteed. And you’ll leave some skin on the road. And you’ll heal. Just get back out there.
  • Sometimes you just can’t post your accidents on Facebook. Because your mom will see them. And call you and tell you to stop riding.
  • Training can get in the way of your regularly scheduled life.

So here I am. The week before STP. Do I feel prepared? Yes and no. I know I’ve done the training. And I’m packed. And I had a flat tire today on my last ride.

But … I’ll be fine. I’ll get over the hills – walking or biking. I’ll make it to the rest areas 25 miles apart. And I’ll make it to Portland. All on my own power. That’s always been my goal with every event. Cross the finish line on my own power. And I intend to do just that.

I’ll try to post as I ride. But it may be just Instagram. So check it out “thrivinginseattle” on Instagram to see my pictures as I go. July 15 and 16. Just me and my bike. Oh … and 10,000 other riders!