Tis the night before

This wasn’t supposed to be how my night before was supposed to go. I was going to get on a 330 pm flight back from Spokane. Instead the flight was cancelled, and I embarked on a 4 hour road trip with a co-worker down I-90. It was better than the alternative — the 5am flight they offered me for Saturday morning. So instead of a relaxing few hours checking over my packing and loading my bike, I’m scurrying around. Oh well.

Do I have everything? Am I ready? I’ve trained. I’ve made lists. I’ve studied the route. If I forgot something, I’ll get it on the road. I might be making a stop at a Starbucks down the road for more caffeine, but I think I’m set.

I have everything staged in a corner of my living room. I have my luggage tags set. I have my STP numbers in place. My bike is on my car.

My strategy? 25 miles at a time. The rest stops are strategically every 25 miles. I may only stop long enough to get more water or hit the rest room. But it’s a mental game. So 25 miles at a time.

I’m nervous. But I usually am before a race. So, yes, I’m ready. Now off to set my alarm for 430. We’re going to be on the road before 6am.

I’ll post pictures and notes as I can. See you soon …

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